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Terms of Use
Denbies Duels 2017

Parking: If you drive to the event, you can park in the Denbies Vineyard main Car Park



will open at 07:30. Please place your rider number on the back of your jersey and the small laminated number plate on the front of your handlebars.  Please return both your jersey number and laminated number plate after you finish the event.



Riders with static rollers can warm up either in the car-park or the area near the start line.

Alternatively, riders can cycle out from the Denbies car-park to the A24, though take care as Denbies car-park can be busy.

Riders will be able to ride the course in advance of the event on the day, but will need to clear the course by 8.15.  Please ride the course cautiously and descend slowly.  There may be a small amount of car traffic, as marshals and equipment are ferried up the course.


The Course:

The course is the paved road (part rough concrete, part tarmac) starting above Denbies B&B to just short of Denbies House.

The course is approximately 1.7km long, with an average gradient of just under 6%.

Note: The course finishes before the two gates towards the top of the path – this is before the finish line used for last years event.


The Event:

Round 1 is a timed elimination round. Riders will start in pairs at one-minute intervals, but remember - in this round you are riding against the clock, not just the person you start with. The four fastest female riders in R1 will contest the Womens SF, and subsequent 3rd/4th place ride off and final.

The 16 fastest male riders will go into Round 2.  Again starting in pairs, but at 2-minute intervals, the winner of each of the 8 heats in Round 2 will progress to the Quarterfinals.  However, don’t take too long in Round 2 onwards as, to keep the event on-track, any riders taking more than [6 mins 30 secs] will be eliminated even if they win their heat.

Quarter-finals, Semi-finals & Finals are run in the same way as Round 2.


Facilities: Portaloos will be located near the the start line – priority for riders competing please.

Drinks, snacks and meals can be purchased in the main Denbies Conservatory restaurant, open from 9.30 onwards


The event will be held at:

Denbies Wine Estate, Dorking, Surrey RH5 6AA.

Prizes (2017 prize distribution)





Timings (2017)


Approximate timings are as follows:

07:30    Registration opens

08:30 – 09:20 Round 1

09:45 – 10:00 Round 2 (mens)

10:00 – 10:10 Ladies Semi-Final

10:15  Quarter-finals (mens)

10:30 Womens 3rd/4th Place ride off and Final

10:45 Semi-finals (mens)

11:15 3rd / 4th place Ride-off & Final

11:45 Presentations





Denbies Duels 2017








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1st £200 (Cash in recognition of the work of the ECRC)

2nd £100 (Destination Bike voucher)

3rd £75 (Destination Bike voucher)

4th £50 (Cash in recognition of the work of the ECRC)



1st £200 (Cash)

2nd £75 (Finches voucher)

3rd £50 (Finches  voucher)

4th £25 (Finches voucher)


Vets and Juniors (fastest in R1): £50 each (Cycle Room Voucher)


Fixed / Single Speed (fastest in R1): £50 (Cash in recognition of the work of MIND)


Team (fastest in R1): Fastest team of three riders £30 each rider (MduV voucher)

2nd fastest team of three riders £10 each rider (MduV voucher)


Most Improved Rider: returning rider who improves their time in R1 in 2017 by the greatest margin in comparison to their time in R1 2016)

Level 2 Bike Fit at MduV (value £149)